16 aprile 2005

Alternative MSN (...and more!) Client, account & Software

If you are bored of the M$ Messanger you can consider to use an alternative program with many compatible messaging protocols:

multi protocols messanger, compatible with:
  • Gadu Gadu
  • Group Wise
  • IRC
  • Jabber
  • MSN
  • Napster
  • Yahoo!
...open source, no virus, no adware, no malware...no shits!!!
The Gaim Homepage

Download Gaim for Windows [version 1.2.1 - check update at the Download page]

The Gaim Download page [Linux & Windows]

Plugins for Gaim

Themes for Gaim

Some Screenshots

free Internet telephony that just works.

Great software that provide a message client (for free) and allows telephone with other users (for free) or any telephone number in the World (low price).

The Skype Homepage

Download Skype for Windows
Download Skype for MacOS
Download Skype for Linux
Download Skype for PocketPC

Skype Screenshots
P2P Explained

15 aprile 2005

How-to Links:

How to set 3d hardware acceleration on Linux (Ubuntu distro)

06 aprile 2005

Links to FREE but not OPEN software

"free" is usally intended as "free of charge" so u don't need to pay for this software. But when talking about "open" resources, "free" means that the software follow a type of philosophy (respects some laws). Below you can find "money-less" software

04 aprile 2005

[ITA] Link di vario tipo, ma molto utili...

Strade, itinerari, mappe, trasporti utili

Cinema: orari e programmazione

Telefono: trovare numeri e persone

Giornali Online

Strumenti Online

03 aprile 2005

MPLL (Most Popular LINUX Links)

...this is just some linux links...

...to begin:
GNU's not Unix [The Linux philosophy]
linuxiso.org [Download and burn your next OS]
distrowatch.org [The Rank of the linux distros]

...this cause the OS don't exist!!!

SLAX [Live distro based on Slackware]
KNOPPIX [The Knopper LiveCD]
DamnSmall [Little Knoppix on usb pen too]

...and the gratest distro...

Debian [the most open source --- with the definitive tool!!!]
Fedora [powered by RedHat]
Mandrake [...maybe the most popular!]
Ubuntu [...very popular distro based on Debian]
Slackware [...very stable!]
SuSE [not free but really a good distro!]
Gentoo [for programmer]
FoX [Italian young distro base on Fedora CORE 3]

...if you need help:

HTML.IT Linux Forum

...if you need software:


...for the office:


...and if is not enough try:

or (for italian only)


Links for an Open Source Dvd

Some "open" links:

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just as a stupid example:

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